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EXTRA strong HOT MELT GLUE STICKS for hard-to-bond surfaces Transparent 11 mm x 300mm

HOT MELT GLUE STICKS Transparent 11 mm x 220mm: EXTRA strong HOT GLUE STICKS Transparent 11 mm x 300mm (20pcs)
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These EXTRA strong hot melt glue sticks are ready to use with our glue guns. They are made from a EXTRA strong adhesive glue that instantly bonds to most wood, plastic, metal and cardboard surfaces.

Advanced Adhesive Power: Designed for hard-to-bond surfaces, our Extra Strong High-Temperature Hot Glue Sticks ensure a reliable and lasting bond.

Extra Strong High-Temperature Hot Glue Sticks Extreme Bonding: Perfect for ceramics, plastics, wood, and car bodywork repairs, these glue sticks provide exceptional bonding performance even on challenging materials.

Industrial Grade: Formulated with 58% EVA, 36% resin, 5% wax, and 1% other additives, these glue sticks require an industrial glue gun for optimal melting and application.

use temperature - Softens at 80°C Ready-to-use temperature - 180 °C Elevate your bonding projects with our Extra Strong HighTemperature Hot Glue Sticks. Designed for professionals who demand the best in adhesive performance.

Caution: Please follow proper safety guidelines when using high temperature glue guns and adhesive products. Keep out of reach of children.


  • EXTRA strong 11mm x 300mm Transparent Glue Sticks
  • Colour: Milky transparent
  • Material: EVA & Resin
  • Glue sticks size: 11 x 300mm
  • Glue gun compatibility: 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W. 400W, Dual Temperature, and Adjustable Temperature glue gun

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