Hot Glue Gun - The SLH series

Glue Tech is proud to introduce the SLH series of hot glue guns

The SLH series is a series of hot glue guns for heavy use, for professional and industrial use

Hot glue guns from this series are suitable for all types of professional work and in a series of glue guns with high power and the option of choosing between a number of different strengths among the glue guns in this series

SLH 100
This is the basic hot glue gun in this series with a power of 100w suitable for working with soft and hard materials,

Glue Tech Heavy Duty Hot Glue Gun SLH series 100W

SLH 150
This is a professional hot glue gun with a power of 150w suitable for work that requires rapid heating of the glue and medium/high flow of glue,
Suitable for working with semi-soft and hard materials,

SLH 200
Professional industrial hot glue gun 200w power for massive work, suitable for working with semi-hard materials and hard materials
Medium/high glue flow rate

SLH 120

Hot glue gun with temperature regulation that allows working with different and varied materials easily and efficiently, with high/low glue flow
Works with a wide variety of soft and hard materials


SLH 150/80w

The 80W-150W Professional Glue Gun is lightweight and comfortable, two-temperature hot glue gun allows an easy transition between 150w and 80w power to work with different materials easily, with high/low glue flow
Works with a wide variety of soft and hard materials


Technical data for SLH series
Color: White
Material: ABS & Copper
Working Power: 100W - 150w - 200w - 120w - 80/150w
Frequency: 50-60HZ.
Working Voltage: 100-240V
Working Temperature: 160°C - 80°C
Warm-up time: 3-5 minutes
Nozzle Diameter: 2mm-3mm
Fit Glue sticks Diameter: 10.8-11.5mm

Glue gunHot glue gun

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