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Hot glue is an effective, aesthetic and strong method for gluing different surfaces and materials in different DIY style projects.
The use of hot glue requires a hot glue device, sticks of hot glue are inserted which heat up and become liquid and ready to use.
After the gluing work is finished, the glue must dry and then the glue becomes transparent and strong.

how to use?

In the first step, connect the hot glue gun to a power source and wait 2-3 minutes until it heats up and make sure that the cable will allow enough room for movement in order to work with the glue gun when it is connected to the outlet.

Important - during the wait it is advisable to place the hot glue gun on a safe surface, preferably a silicone surface, so that the work table is protected from the liquid glue and heat, and unnecessary dirt on the work table is avoided.

In the second step, the glue stick should be inserted into the back end of the hot glue gun and towards the inside. The trigger of the gun must be squeezed a little to allow the glue roll to "settle" in its place.

The hot glue gun will be ready for operation 3-5 minutes after being plugged in and turned on.

Once the gun is hot enough, you can start working. A light squeeze of the gun trigger will release measured amounts of hot glue. At this stage, it is important to work quickly and with focus because the hot glue dries quickly after being released from the gun, so the gluing must be done in a short time.

During the work with the hot glue, the glue stick melts and then it can be used, after several pastings it will be necessary to insert a new glue stick when the old glue stick is used up.

If at the end of the work the glue stick is not finished - we can take the hot glue gun out of the socket and keep it with the glue roll inside. The solid glue that has not yet been used will be useful for working on the next project.

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